Build a picture wall – The big art wall guide

Building a beautiful picture wall is, in short, about combining colors and styles that compliment each other and hanging the posters so that they harmonize on your wall and in your room

A collection of pictures or a gallery wall adds personality and refreshes the interior. But how do you achieve a coherent and harmonious visual balance, and where is the best place to start? Get inspired by our step-by-step guide to create your own unique picture wall.

Step 1: Where should the pictures hang?

Before you hang your pictures, it is important to plan where they will be placed in relation to the room's size, ceiling height, other furniture and the room's other furnishings. Make sure the picture wall matches the rest of the room so that it doesn't seem too big or too small.
Tip: Hang it possibly 20-30 cm from, perhaps a dining table or sofa, so that it does not float too much.

Step 2: Get creative

Now you need to choose the perfect pictures and frames for your wall of pictures. It is important to think about what atmosphere and style you would like to have in the room. If you want it colorful and playful, you can play with colored frames, mixing patterns and motifs. If you want a more calm expression, choose pictures and frames in the same color scale.
Tip: Wall pictures that generally give your eye peace, and resonate. You will most likely have to look at it for a long time. 

Step 3: Composition of the images

To find the perfect composition, it is best to play with different options and experiment. To create balance in the picture wall, it is a good idea to hang pictures with the same distance both vertically and horizontally.
There are countless ways to arrange pictures on the wall, and different compositions can give completely different expressions.
You can achieve a structured expression by placing the frames in a square with the lines in balance or create a more dynamic expression by mixing different sizes and placing them more "randomly".

Start by placing the posters in the center and build from: if you would like a loose edge and the picture wall should look "random".

Start by placing the posters in the corners: if you would like a "tight/fixed" picture wall.

Use different sized posters: Distribute the sizes.

Using different frameworks: When you mix different frames, you have the opportunity to create more dynamics. A single colored frame among oak can create is new space. 

Dynamics: you can supplement your picture wall with a tapestry or other object

Create distraction: You can complement your picture wall with a tapestry or plant with an organic shape. The posters must be roughly the same.

A tip for playing with colored frames
We would often recommend that you choose a color for the frame that does not dominate the image. That makes the image stand out more. If you e.g. use a blue frame with a blue image, it can disappear a little into itself.
If you choose a color that is full of contrast or is slightly in the picture or central in the picture, it could stand out more.

We wish you good fun with your picture wall

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