Inspiration for the perfect gift

In Kræss you will find special and unique designs. Home interiors, jewellery, posters, ceramics, clothes, glass, and the list goes on!

Kræss is one of Copenhagen's most popular gift shops and all designs are carefully, thoughtfully and lovingly created by our 170 selected artists and designers.
We have made an overview with lots of inspiration and ideas, so you can find the perfect and special gift for someone who deserves something very special.

Unique and fun ceramics

See our unique and wonderful ceramics. Handmade by our skilled designers.

Nørrebro motifs by Pilat

Pilat skaber farverige og figurative motiver af byrummet, især af Nørrebro som er hendes “hood”. Illustrationerne er et sikkert gavehit til de fleste “Nørrebrogensere”.

Morning coffee cup

The gift that is used every day is the cup for morning coffee. See the beautiful ceramic cups created by designers in Kræss such as Julie Ebens, Elya, Chandini, Kraki and many more.

Give a personal gift card online

Buy a gift card online for Kræss - Send it to someone you care about.

The gift card applies to all our more than 3000 designs and posters and is valid for 2 years. With a gift card, you are sure to hit the mark!

Gift cards can be sent to the recipient's email immediately - or you can send it to your own email and print it yourself if you want to give a physical gift card. You can also always get a physical gift card in our store, which we always have ready.

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Fun gifts

Fun gifts

Popular posters

We have many thousands of unique posters in Kræss. Here are 4 of our most popular.


Local designers and artists

Kræss consists of 170 selected artists and designers. When you shop in Kræss, you support the artist directly. Thanks.

Unique jewelry

Beautiful bracelets, rings and necklaces handmade by our designers.

A loving gift

Loving and sweet gifts for someone you care (a lot).

New designs

See all our latest designs that have just entered the store.

Linoleum Prints

Unique and handmade linoleum prints by Kit & Caboodle, maja_feilan_tryk, Julaika, Kit Prints and many more.


Gift info

  • All gifts can be exchanged for one month (both online and in store).
  • Select exchange sticker and/or gift wrapping in the basket.
  • Shipping takes 1-3 working days (free shipping over DKK 499).
  • With Click & Collect, you can pick up the package in our store.
  • Our store in Copenhagen is open Monday to Saturday.

Designs that last a lifetime

Our goal was to create a stronger connection to the designs you buy and keep for life.
At Kræss, we create space for the designer behind the work to create and unfold. Together they support creative designers.
We want you to experience a universe in which you can reflect yourself and help make your home special.

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Full of personality

All designs are unique, some are only one of a kind, but in common everything is created with passion and tenderness.

Always lovingly packed

Everything gets wrapped up
carefully and with a small
greetings to you, to express
our great gratitude!