Art for companies

Time to do something good for yourself and your colleagues at your workplace? 💜

  • Find works of art for your office, meeting room, canteen eller et helt trejde rum som trænger til lidt kærlighed.
  • 3000 unique artworks and posters by independent artists (you support them!)
  • See all works in our store or shop online.
  • Choose a nice frame for the artwork and we will frame it for you.
  • Have all the works sent directly to your workplace ready to hang.

Create a picture wall for your office or, or find a unique work with a nice colored frame.

We spend most of the day at work and in the office, and it is important that we have a nice and inspiring physical space that can spread profits among you and your colleagues.

An office does not have to be just white walls and black office furniture. It can also be colorful and beautiful motifs in colored picture frames that can spread smiles in everyday life.

We do not sell cheap Picasso prints. We collaborate with living artists.

Let yourself be inspired by our huge selection of beautiful and unique works from 200 independent artists who exhibit their works in Kræss.

At Kræss, we do not sell cheap reprints of Picasso or Matisse. We collaborate with 200 living and local artists. We exhibit them in our store and webshop and give them an opportunity to get out into the world with their art, and every time we sell one of their works for the payment.

Come by our colorful store or shop online and have it all sent to your workplace. Ready to hang up and spread joy!

You can visit our store in Copenhagen or shop online here at our webshop. You can choose a picture frame for all the works you see. We then frame them for you and send them to your workplace, so they are ready to hang up and spread joy at your workplace with you and your colleagues.

It just sounds lovely 🫶 Then you can:

  1. You can either shop around at our webshop, find the motifs that fit into your business and choose a frame for them. We then frame them and send them to your workplace.
  2. You can stop by our Store in Copenhagen and get inspiration, advice and guidance.
  3. You can take a picture of one or more walls in your business premises and build an Art Wall online. We will then send it to you so that it is ready to hang up.
  4. Contact Erica, who is the creative soul behind Kræss. Then she will help you set up your workplace. It is quite free. Contact her here.

Examples of picture walls in offices and meeting rooms

Our newest interior design project at Denmark's Evaluation Institute new offices in Holbæk

Popular posters

See which posters are most popular in Kræss right now. They are made by our local and independent artists. We will be happy to frame the poster for you if you choose a frame.

Local designers and artists

Kræss consists of 170 selected artists and designers. When you shop in Kræss, you support the artist directly. Thanks.

Design a picture wall online for your business

Start a picture wall and see it on your wall in your office. Use your phone or computer

Spruce up your home with special art

We have built our own picture wall designer, where you can create your own picture wall.
Since we have so many thousands of images, we have created it so that you can visually create an overview.

Start with a picture of your own wall or use one of our templates. You can use all of our posters to design your own expression, just as you wish.
It's all for free.

Linoleum Prints

Unique and handmade linoleum prints by Kit & Caboodle, maja_feilan_tryk, Julaika, Kit Prints and many more.


Explore aesthetics and innovation with our design posters. Create a visual aesthetic expression with unique shapes, patterns and colors that inspire creativity and bring a modern elegance to your spaces.

Vores mål er at

Together we support the artists

We collaborate with more than 200 talented artists who each create special works.
We have a close collaboration with the artists and we want you to experience a universe in which you can reflect yourself, and help make your home special and personal.

Works of art that last a lifetime

Our goal is to create a strong connection with the art you buy and have for life.

With us, you are sure to find the right piece of art that can certainly be a conversation starter for your home.
We want you to experience a universe in which you can reflect yourself and help make your home special and personal.

Art Prints

Discover our exclusive collection of art print posters. Highlight subtle details and textures with these carefully selected reproductions that bring true artistic sophistication and character to your walls.

Artworks and posters in Kræss

In Kræss you will find unique and popular works of art and posters from our 170 hand-picked artists who exhibit in our store.

Visit our shop in Copenhagen or find inspiration and shop online here at our webshop.

When you shop in Kræss, you support the designer. Thank you❤️

Do you need help? Then Erica will help you create inspiring work and living spaces with unique posters and artwork from our extensive art collection!

Let Erica help you create a working environment that inspires and creates value for you or your company.

My name is Erica and as an art consultant, I have more than 4 years of experience in the field of art and cooperation with companies. We at Kræss represent more than 170 talented artists, which gives me a unique opportunity to create unique art experiences that suit every need and budget.

My goal is to help your company create a visually inspiring environment that reflects your values, increases productivity and puts your company in a good light.
Regardless of whether you want modern, abstract, figurative or photographic art, I can offer an extensive selection of posters and works that fit your interior perfectly.

I will guide you through the entire process from choosing works, to framing, and delivery, and with a visual draft for hanging, ensuring that the art complements and enhances your space.

You probably already know this, but the layout of a workplace has a great influence and influence on employees' productivity and well-being. It not only creates beautiful spaces, but contributes to your employees having a pleasant working environment, and not least spaces that motivate and inspire them.

"Let me help you create a corporate culture that sends out a strong and visual narrative."

We offer tailor-made solutions where we develop a unique art concept together with you that reflects your corporate identity and message.

With more than 170 talented artists, we can offer a wide selection of styles, motifs and artistic expressions to suit
the aesthetics and message of any company.

Regardless of whether you are looking for abstract art, nature motifs, modern designs or classic works, we have something for every taste. By creating an inspiring and aesthetic environment, you can increase employee productivity, stimulate creative thinking and create a unique atmosphere for potential customers and visitors.

Contact me for a non-binding conversation about how I can help you create beautiful spaces and a unique art experience in your company.

We worked with both large and small companies, everything from psychotherapists, clinic communities, and private individuals.

Contact Erica ✉️