Our Vision

Our Vision

We opened our store in Nørrebro in Copenhagen in November 2019 and have since expanded with a large webshop.

We work closely with the artists, and in our store they have the opportunity to sell and exhibit designs and works. They receive payment for every ceramic cup or poster sold.

If you don't have the opportunity to visit our store, you can shop here on our webshop. You can also find almost everything in our store online.

So a warm welcome to our art shop! Our vision is to celebrate unique and handmade works of art and the artist behind them. For over 4 years we have had the pleasure of giving more than 200 artists a platform to share their creative expression through our colorful universe. We believe in the value of authenticity and want to focus on the handmade.

In Kræss you will not fint mass produced products, but on the contrary special works with soul and personality. Our desire is to create a connection between the artist and customer, where the artwork becomes a unique story in your home or a gift for a special person in your life.

We are proud to be part of this art community and our small shop is a space where passionate artists can express themselves and exhibit their works for art lovers like you.

We strive to create an experience where our customers can immerse themselves in the magical universe of art and find inspiration to bring more color and beauty into their everyday lives. We hope that our website and store can be a source of inspiration and a platform to discover unique works of art that can enrich your life and create a special atmosphere in your home. Thank you for being a part of our journey towards cherishing the handmade and appreciating art with personality.

Follow along on our Instagram @kraess.store to keep up with news and other good things from our store.

Welcome to our colorful and unique art universe! ♡

Greetings from
Jonatan, Erica & Viljam

Meet our team

Erica is the founder of Kræss and is primarily responsible for, among other things, social media, the shop, curating artists and more. In addition to this, Erica helps companies and individuals design and furnish their homes. Her creative abilities and ability to create with her hands inspired the idea for Kræss. She strives to create a colorful atmosphere and combine artwork in a way that inspires and enriches people's lives. In addition, Erica is also a trained psychomotor therapist and runs this practice alongside Kræss.

Jonatan is also co-owner of Kræss, is responsible for the website and handles all administrative tasks. He has personally programmed the website and worked on it daily. Jonatan already started programming at the age of 12 and has always had a dream of being an entrepreneur. He has been willing to do anything, including living in a car or in an attic, to fulfill his dreams.

Perhaps you have already met Viljam. Viljam is the store manager and welcomes you!
He is full of good energy and it is contagious! Viljam is from Finland, but has lived in Denmark for 4 years.