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Searching for freedom in a long trip call it “life”

Papir type: Hahnemühle Matte Art Paper

Papir tykkelse: 210 g/m2

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I'm Irene but my Artist name and also my brand is Eneri Concept. I'm an Italian artist who has lived between Venice, Verona (Italy), Canary Islands and Barcelona (Spain). I work like a freelance. Now I live in Barcelona attending a Master of Illustration and Communication.

All of my works are inspired by my travels and the city where I live. In my illustrations I used to represent strong women with all her different colours, shapes and weaknesses. I think I can define my illustrations between aesthetic and conceptual illustrations.

I like incorporating contrast and satured or pastel Colors and try different tipe of color palette.

To create I use all of type of techniques : from the digital to analog illustration, collage, photography, painting, drawing, embroidery art. When I work "analog" I work with different type of pen, colored pencils, pastels, acrylic and oil paints, and rework most of them digitally. 

Now in phase of experimentation..

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