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Who Kræss is

Kræss is a danish brand and company with a physical shop in the center of Copenhagen (Denmark). We print, promote and sell posters for more than a hundred independent artists in our shop and online. This way the artists can focus on creating beautiful artworks and just upload them to us. We take care of everything and ensure that the posters is in perfect condition for every customer. The artists can follow their sales, popularity and much more in our online sales system. The artists get paid every month and still own all the rights to their artworks and are free to denounce the partnership with Kræss at any time.

Kræss was founded by Erica and Jonatan in 2019. You can read more about our journey here.

Image: Pil sitting in her atelier. She has been with us (almost) from the beginning. She is known for her popular “Nørrebro” Posters.

How it works

Sign up online and login to your personal dashboard.

Submit artworks to sell (we review for approval).

Your artworks is printed and displayed in our store and webshop.

View your sales, costumers, payments and more in your dashboard.

We sell, print and promote. You can focus on being creative.

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A tour in our Copenhagen Store


Where is Kræss located?

Kræss is a premium design brand located in Copenhagen (Denmark). We promote 170 designers and artists and help them sell their handcrafts and art which can be anything from jewellery to furniture. But mostly we focus on selling posters which we print in our workshop. We have a physical store in the popular neighborhood of Nørrebro and we are also present online with our webshop and on social media.

Can I sign up online?

Yes. You can sign up online HERE.

What kinds of artworks will get approved?

We sell all kinds of artworks. But every artwork will have to be reviewed and approved before we sell it. Artworks that that creates emotions are often what we sell most of. We sell both digital and paintings, but we do not approve AI generated artworks.

How do i create a poster (print-file) from my artwork?

In order to print the best possible poster of your artwork, we need a print-file. Paintings can be scanned or photographed in order to create a digital copy using software such as Photoshop. The digital file (whether it is a digital copy of a painting or a digital artwork) needs be exported into a print-file compatible with our inkjet prints to archive the best result. We have made a thorough guide on “How to create a digital copy of a painting” and “How to export a print-file“.

How many artworks will I need in my portfolio?

In general we suggest to upload at least 5 artworks to begin with. This will make it more interesting for our customers to explore your “universe”. However this is not mandatory.

How much do I earn?

You get 30% of the sales price excl. VAT and taxes. You decide the price of your posters.

How do I submit/upload an artwork?

You upload your artwork online along with some basic information (title, price etc.). We have provided a guide for exporting your file to ensure the best print quality when we print it as a poster. We will need to approve any poster submitted before we can sell it. Here you can read our guides on how to create a good digital copy of an artwork.

In what sizes and quality do you print the poster?

We print the poster on professionel inkjet printers with high quality paper suited best for the artwork. You choose the sizes to print but we advice you to upload your artwork in a “A-size” as it is the most popular when sold as A4 (21×29,7 cm), A3 (29,7×42 cm) and A2 (42×59,4 cm).

Do I own the rights to my artwork?

Yes. You own all the rights to your artwork. When you submit a poster you agree that we can sell it as a poster but you can stop the sale at any time.

Where do you sell the poster?

We sell it at Kræss poster and design store in Copenhagen (Denmark) and at Kræss webshop (danish language) and Kræss x Purpleposter webshop (international).

How do I get paid?

You get paid every month by bank transfer. All your earnings from sales that is 40 days old (or older) will be paid.

Can I follow my sales?

Yes! You will get an account and you can login to follow your sales, popularity and much more. You also get notified by mail every time you make a sale.

What is Purpleposter?

Purpleposter is the branch of Kræss focusing on artworks and posters by independent artists, making it possible for artists to print their artworks and reach customers globally.